A Light in the Dark


I was a lighting technician as early as 1990. I was 14. I remember changing electric plugs on ellipsoidals as we transferred them from their usual homes in school theatres throughout the city to a temporary stage setup at the outdoor Trollwood Performing Arts School. Stage pins to Edison plugs, and back again at the end of the summer.

We also took apart Fresnel and ellipsoidal bodies to repair cracked lenses. I learned a lot that summer about the mechanics of light in these tools of lighting as an art. We counted volts and amps and watts (oh my!). We took a lighting design and executed it with scientific precision (well, as precise as an 8th grader can get).

Trollwood has grown substantially since my years as a student. The new facility across the river is robust, sturdy, and able to provide many more years of memories for hundreds of students.