David Riviera

A Light in the Dark

I was a lighting technician as early as 1990. I was 14. I remember changing electric plugs on ellipsoidals as we transferred them from their usual homes in school theatres throughout the city to a temporary stage setup at the outdoor Trollwood Performing Arts School. Stage pins to Edison plugs, and back again at the …

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I Like Sushi

Sushi is one of my favorite foods. I’ll say straight up that I’m not too terribly versed in traditional and cultural practices of sushi. I just eat it. I know I prefer nigiri over sashimi. I also know I prefer salmon nigiri over tuna. I’m just beginning to learn the various hand and maki rolls. …

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My Cat Sunrise

My cat Sunrise is a rambunctious piece of feline. When I open my eyes in the morning, he’s there staring at me; when I close my eyes at night, he’s there staring at me. Those two times are when Sunrise is at his quietest. The rest of the time, he is running all over the …

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