My Cat Sunrise

My cat Sunrise is a rambunctious piece of feline. When I open my eyes in the morning, he’s there staring at me; when I close my eyes at night, he’s there staring at me. Those two times are when Sunrise is at his quietest. The rest of the time, he is running all over the place, clawing at the couch, climbing on tables to get at lamp shades, and generally being a cat.

I think he does a lot of mischief as a means to gain attention from me. When he’s clawing at the plastic tree, I call him over to give him head scratchies, rub his sides and belly, and tip him over like a cow. This quiets him down for a few minutes, then he’s back at mischief. It’s really rather adorable. He’s such a play being.

What’s really sweet about Sunrise is how he lays down on the couch with me for naps. Pretty much as soon as I’m laying down, he runs up, jumps over me, and finds his spot on the back cushion and settles down, with his chin hanging over the edge. His purr is SO loud.